Accidents Happen. We're Here to Help When They Do.

Count on us for car accident recovery services in Laramie, WY

Just had an accident? Interstate Towing can get your damaged vehicle where it needs to go safely. We provide car accident recovery services in Laramie, WY. We'll recover your vehicle, clear the accident site and drive you to safety.

We work closely with law enforcement agencies and insurance companies to provide the necessary documentation and carry out required procedures. Reach out to us now to find out more about what our car accident towing company can do for you.

Here's how our accident recoveries work

We follow a detailed process for our car accident recovery services to ensure that we do the job right. It goes like this:

  • Emergency response: Upon receiving a call about an accident, our team will immediately dispatch a recovery unit to the accident site.
  • Assessment: Our professionals will assess the situation, including the extent of vehicle damage and any hazards present.
  • Vehicle recovery: Using the appropriate equipment, damaged vehicles will be carefully recovered and prepared for transportation.
  • Site cleanup: Debris, fluids and other hazardous materials will be safely removed from the accident site, making the area safe for traffic.

Get in touch with us now to learn more about our car accident towing company.